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decart rebranding

Decart is a Studio Project located in the center of Athens. The concept is simple. By giving prominence to the idea that art is a part of our daily life and can come to fruition using the simplest materials, the Decart Team creates textured artifacts on wood, with nails and chords,

and decorative items with everyday materials.

Decart Exhibition Press Release
Decart Outdoor Sign
Decart Business Card Redesign
Decart Logo Redesign
Decart Business Cart Presentation
Illustration of Artifacts

In September 2019, the Decart Team participated in the 7th Handmade

& Recycled Theater Festival, organized by the multiactive art group of Fabrica Athens and Technochoros Fabrica. The exhibition included both original artworks informed by abstract art and minimalism, and classical modern art adaptations.


"The Harper" artifact created on wood with nails & cords by Decart Team. Photo taken at the exhibition of Decart 

(Technochoros Fabrica, September 2019)

Apart from rebranding, I work with Decart Team as Project Illustrator. The creation process is based on the different skills & qualifications of the members: We start from an illustration and turn it into a visual decorative artwork. My part mostly includes concept thinking and digital illustrations but some times I enjoy knitting as well!

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