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Soap Packaging

Since ages soap has been used to clean, to heal skin aches, and as a skin ointment or even as a purifier. However, due to its consistency, the quality of soap can easily get depreciated by keeping it in open atmosphere without protective material. 


Packaging is the best way to keep soaps safe from harmful effects of environmental conditions. Inclusive, benevolent and protected covering is necessary to guard the highly active ingredients used in soaps.

Among the advantages, packaging provides protection, increases serviceable life, brings valuable information, provides professional look and most of all, it is Branding.

The Rosemary&Honey soap package was done as a school project. The only limitation of this project was the soap packaging template. All the other elements, like soaps' branding name and logo, visual elements, ingredients (Rosemary&Honey) and coloring is a result of personal research and preference. 

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